Welcome Park

Grid Connection Info …

Once you have registered a account, you will need to add our grid url to your chosen viewer, adding in your information, this is pretty straight forward to do.

In the viewer options (whichever one you have chosen to use) you will need to have a custom URL added to access our grid, Open your viewer and in preferences add a new URL.

  • Click Preferences (top left corner)
  • Click Opensim (left hand column)

In the address field (add URL) Please note copy and paste adds a extra space at the end, you will not connect, please type the address into the field required.

  • Singualrity – http://grid.amaryllisgrid.com:8002/
  • Firestorm – http://grid.amaryllisgrid.com:8002
  • Other – grid.amaryllisgrid.com:8002

(At the Bottom of the viewer) Enter your login information you registered with (First and Last name and avatar password)

Use the drop down menu that says Connect to and choose AmaryllisGrid from the grid selector

Hit Login

You may connect slow to the grid on your first login and may rez in as a cloud for a few moments, this is nothing to worry about, the system is writing your config files to your avatar, If by some chance you are still a cloud after 10 mins please visit the stores located on the welcome region and grab any of the free avatars, simply grab a box into your inventory then right click the inventory and “replace current outfit”.