Region 1

Premium Account

Premium membership within AmaryllisGrid, Please read all the information below, there is quite a few benefits to having a premium membership.

What will I receive as a Premium member? – As a premium member you will receive the following benefits.

  • 500 G$ Weekly paid into your avatar account.
  • Buy a standard region at 5$ a month for 6 months, then 10$ per month after 6 months.
  • Buy a standard narrows at 10$ per month for 6 months, then 15$ per month after 6 months.
  • Limits on “Starter” regions removed, Premium members can own more than 1.

When is Premium billed? – Premium accounts are billed on a pro rota basis, if you ordered on the 5th of the month your next bill would be due the 5th of the month after. We pay stippend weekly every Monday directly to your avatar account from Alteo Amaryllis.

Do you do a discount on Premium? – Yes you can prepay 12 months in advance if you wished to and you will receive a discount for pre paying in advance, Please note if you cancel then the pre paid amount is not refunded.

I am Premium how do I order my regions? – Once you have ordered a premium account you will also get access to a hidden page to order your regions at a discount price, this takes upto 48 hours to fully activate for you.

Region 2

We accept PayPal (We are a verified PayPal business account holder) and Stripe for ease of use and instant payments, If you are paying via a Credit Card at checkout please select Stripe Gateway, there is no extra commission to pay, we off set the gateway fees against our costs for you, so no hidden charges, the price you see is the price you pay.