Region 1

Currency Exchange

Exchange your inworld currency inworld for real $$$ paid directly to your paypal account within 3 working days.

How do I exchange my AG$? – This is pretty simple to do, order the process using the link below, fill out the form with all your information.

Who do I send inworld money to? – Once you have ordered a exchange, please send the amount you wish to exchange to “Alteo Amaryllis” as we do not wish to override the system and remove what you wish to exchange out of your account, Your account is your own we will not access it.

How long does it take? – Once we have received the order and the currency to Alteo, the process can take up to 3 working days to complete as we handle all exchange requests manually.

Is there a minimum amount? – Yes, the minimum you can cash out to PayPal  is GV$2,000, anything below that amount will only be credited to your region accounts.

Is there a commission? – Yes there is a commission to pay this rate it set at 2.5% of your total cashout value.

Can I request to Paypal? – Yes your exchange can be used a number of ways, you can request a payment to Paypal or you can have a credit onto your account to use against any region payments you may have.

Region 2