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Read all our latest news headlines, updates and matienance to our homes / world, in addition any other news in general will be posted here. To keep things easy to read weve split them into sections and will only show you the last 30 days of news.

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1st November 2021 - Planned Grid Maintenance ...

We will be starting to impliment our 26 item bug fix (items in a box currently only shows the first 26 items) across all residents regions, we have been working hard to get this fix upto par and working how it should be (currently in beta testing on *Sandbox (Premium)*. At the same time we shall also be implimenting our 26 script bug fix (both fixes worked on by our very own tech Krystal).

Please note all regions will be affected thoughout the day, please keep a eye on our Discord chat channel for updates.

1st November 2021 - Grid Map Update ...

The Oasis protected ocean lands will today be extended, We are making plans to allow free connections to our Oasis water regions for all members (T&C Apply), We have also updated the region purchase page to reflect free Oasis connections.