Downloads & Connection!!!
Download viewers and connect to the AMG grid, it only takes around 5 minuets to configure your viewer to connect, we recommend firestorm viewer but everyone has thier own preferance. At the bottom you will find the information on how to connect.

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Viewer Downloads

Download Firestorm Viewer
We also use this ourselves and can help troubleshoot if anything arrises. You will need the Open Simulater version to enter and explore AmaryllisGrid.

Download Singularity Viewer
Used by a few members of AmG as its a clean layout, unfortunatly we do not offer any support on this viewer.

Download VL Cool Viewer
Unfortnatly we know nothing about this viewer as we have not used it ourselves, read ups about this viewer do say it is easy to use.

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Connection Information

Connecting to AmaryllisGrid takes around 5 minuets to configure your viewer if you are unfamilar with how viewers work, For those who are familiar with how viewers work our login url is

For those unfamilar with viewers open your viewer (double click the icon on your desktop). In the viewer options (whichever one you have chosen to use) you will need to have a custom URL added to access our grid, in preferences add a new URL.

- Click Preferences (top left corner)
- Click Opensim (left hand column)
- In the address field (add URL) Please note copy and paste adds a extra space at the end, you will not connect, please type the address into the field required

Firestorm -
Singularity -
Other Viewers -

After you have done that youll then see at the bottom of the viewer enter your login information you registered with (First name, Last name and avatar password)

Choose AmaryllisGrid from the grid selector then click connect, we shall see you inworld.

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Connection Issues

If for any reason you can not connect to our grid, please feel free to drop by our discord channel, where one of our team or members will be happy to assist you.