New Regions

6th January 2020

Welcome to our newest regions on our B.O.G.O.F offer, My Sin 2 and My Sin 3


Region – Casino

Today weve added a new region to our list of region types, For those wishing to open a casino you now can, there is some terms to follow, there will be no exceptions to these terms.

To purchase your Casino region visit


Region – Addons

If you are a region owner in AMG and wish to rename or move your region this is the place to be, there is a small charge $3.00 per move or rename. All renames or moves are completed within 48 hours, you may need to update your landmarks and “Home” position once your region has been moved or renamed.

Region Addons


Refer a Friend

On 30th/August/2019 we added in a Refer a Friend bonus, there is no limit to the amount you can earn, The more friends you refer the more you can earn.

You will receive the following once your friend purchases Premium Membership-

  • 1,000 G$ Bonus as soon as they purchase Premium.
  • 500 G$ Per month for a max of 6 months.

This amount will be paid into your avatar balance, there is no cash alternative, This currency can be used on anything you wish to inworld.

Refer a Friend


Region Discounts

The following discounts will be in place as of 30/August/2019 as a few have requested to purchase more than 1 region.

5 – 9 regions – $3.00 discount per region
10 – 19 regions – $6.00 discount per region
20 – 49 regions – $8.00 discount per region
50+ regions  – $10.00 discount per region

If you are ordering these regions or have just hit the quota with a new region the discount will apply to your next due date.


AMG Uptime Guarantee

Here at AMG we know how frustrating it can be to be without your virtual forever home, If for any reason (other than user error) your region is not online in our system we shall credit your region account with the relevant time after the first 24 hours.

There is no cash alternative even in inworld G$ there is no exceptions.

If you feel this applies to you please open a support ticket using our website –



Connection Info – Added

Good evening all Gevolutions.

Today I have added in a grid connection info page to our main site, a few have been opening tickets to ask how to connect, I hope this makes things a little easier to understand and get you connected to our grid.

Connection Info


Currency Exchange – Added

Today I have been busy on the site and added in a currency exchange for those who wished to exchange their GV$ inworld currency for $$$

To exchange your currency visit –


Premium Membership

Today as promised we have added the option of Premium membership, prices start from just $5.00 per month (discounts on longer period) with some great benefits.

Order your today –


Improved Website

Were still making changes and additions to the website to make it more advanced than our competitors, as a lot know I used to be a website designer, so unfortunately little things out of place nark me and it takes a bit of time to get things right, so far the main opening page has changed quite a lot, we have also added in a brand new cost effective “Starter” region

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