Discover Our Roots …

AmaryllisGrid was founded and opened to the public on February 15th 2019, A closed grid idea was talked about by all the staff for well over 12 months prior to that. Development and planning stated 6 months after initial talks.

GeVolution is registered as a company under GeVolution World Limited in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

The founder of GeVolution World became disgruntled with a well-known popular grid called SecondLife, He decided it was time to look around and found other grids were online using a system called OpenSim, which is very similar to SecondLife and liked the pricing compared to the $295.00 that SecondLife was charging. So he tried a few grids out, each one was a disappointment; each grid was different, sure there were things to do, people to meet, but each one lacked that certain something, there was no commitment, no stability, no friendly family atmosphere which is what he was looking for.

Our goals since opening our doors have been and always will be the same: yes we are a commercial oriented grid, but our foundation has always been to offer a cost effective safe haven for all to enjoy and use.

Other grids shut their doors if they are not earning a profit or it gets too much for them to handle. GeVolution and Amaryllis are different, we have ZERO intention of ever shutting our doors, we will continue to provide a safe haven for all those that wish to build, create a home or just party the night away and make new friends. Our Dev team (Sarah and Crystal) have programmed our home to be one of the most stable grids out there, sure we have had a few hiccups along the way, but we are always there keeping an eye on things, getting our homes running stable.

We are always looking at ways to make improvements, in the core code or in your virtual experience with us, we are one of the very few grids who are still making developments.