AmaryllisGrid Stats

Registered Members – 129
Active / Online Regions – 30
Amaryllis Sponsored – 3

Welcome to AmaryllisGrid Part of the GeVolution World Limited group, a social family orientated virtual 3D world with our unique blend of technology, members and inworld content will be sure to capture and spark your imagination and creative impulses. Shop in one of our member created stores or discover your own hidden talents and open your very own virtual business and earn real cash. You can meet new and interesting people from all over the globe, create the home of your dreams, build a vibrant business, explore to your hearts content or just party the night away with friends and family.

Establish relationships and do all the things you can and can not do in real life but in a safe, sane and consensual virtual reality. Enter a world that can be all you want it to be, letting you be whatever you desire, where the only limitation is your imagination …. If your going to live, why not live with aspiration, desires and discover your virtual dreams.

Our grid utilises the Halycon code used by Inworldz there is no hypergrid capability which gives us the edge over closed OpenSim grids. Our secure network of solid state drive dedicated servers utilising our very own infrastructure with local networking for faster response time and much less lag (We do not use cloud servers), Our systems run automatic nightly backups of all region files and database files, these backups are stored at four different locations , three of which are now kept offsite for extra safety just in case the worst should happen we will always be able to retrieve your hard work.

Each region hosted on our servers has its own instance / file format, separate databases, DNS lookup and have a guaranteed internal memory of at least 2 gig each (burstable 4 gig if needed) for the utmost stability.